Oral & Poster Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentation

  • Slides format
    MS Powerpoint (Ver. 2003 – latest)
    Recommended format is the MS Powerpoint. Speakers are advised to bring MS powerpoint slides with USB key rather than MAC Laptop because of its short and limited time: Setting up with MAC laptop may take 2-3 minutes.

    Presentations should be on a using memory stick as removable storage media. It is recommended that presentations be reviewed in the preview room sufficiently prior to the oral presentation session so that software version and compatibility issues can be determined at that time. Note that including audio or video content in your PowerPoint presentation involves using links to external media files which may not work after the files are moved to the presentation computer. Sometimes these links need to be updated after you move the files due to differences in the way that differently configured computers identify the drive or USB device where the external files are located. Any PowerPoint presentation which includes links to external audio or video files needs to be tested in advance on the computer used for the presentation

  • Preview Room
    Authors must check into the speaker’s preview room at least 1 hour before their presentation to polish up / upload their presentation slides.
    Location: 3F, Topaz Room, Lotte Hotel Seoul

  • Oral Presentation Schedule

Poster Exhibition

  • 2019 International Conference of KSMBS e-Poster Presentation take place during the conference.
  • Submission Due: Monday 9 Sep 2019
    After the deadline, please submit slides onsite.
  • Format: MS-Powerpoint
  • Number of Slides: Less than 3 slides.
  • Size of e-Poster: W78cm * H138cm
  • Video Clip: If you want to add any video clip, you are asked to make it run automatically.
  • Contents: Background-Methods-Results-Conclusion
  • Please download the template [Download]

Speaker’s Preview Room

Preview Room Work Hours: During the meeting

Checking slide-deck(s) at the speaker’s preview room is the single most important action you will take to ensure your presentation is a success. It is required to check into the place at least 1 hour before presentation start time.
Authors should make sure all fonts appear as expected and all sound/video clips are working properly while reviewing presentation slides.
Note: It is possible to bring your slides onto either USB stick or own laptop having RGB port.

Method USB Stick Own Laptop
Format MS Powerpoint only Not limited
Cable Not necessary RGB cable

Equipment & Software at the Preview Room

Laptops OS: MS Windows 7
Software: MS office 2010 / Adobe PDF viewer
Cables ‘Mac – RGB’ cable
**This is only for authors presenting with their own laptop ‘MAC’ missing their own cable.